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Quanta is a Data-driven platform that provides accuracy, reliability, and transparency to the Abu Dhabi and UAE real estate market.

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Unlocking Valuable Data

Abu Dhabi Real Estate Data​

We offer refined data enabling accurate data driven decision making.

Quality Data Processing

We run extensive data cleansing procedures to ensure our data is accurate and reliable.


We transform millions of real estate data points into actionable and visualized outputs.

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Market Trends

Get a quick insight into the real estate market performance indicators powered by Quanta’s robust platform.


Residential Property Density

Explore different types of units across Abu Dhabi to gain an in-depth understanding of density levels across residential communities.


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Track real estate market activity and value generation across Abu Dhabi.

  • Total Sales
  • Average Prices
  • Top Areas

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Reports & Indices

Instantly understand how real estate is performing market-wide in Abu Dhabi.

  • City-wide sale price indices
  • Sale price indices for development areas
  • Quarterly market performance updates

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Real estate supply

Visualize the distribution of various real estate classes across Abu Dhabi.

  • Existing Real Estate Stock
  • Projects Under Construction
  • Planned Projects in Pipeline

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Investment & Finance

Assess and gain insights into relevant indicators covering Abu Dhabi’s real estate market financing preferences.

  • Mortgage Volume
  • Mortgage Value
  • Property Specific Mortgages

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Competitive Analysis

Understand how developers shape their projects to cater to Abu Dhabi market demand.

  • Developer outputs
  • Residential units under construction
  • Unit typology breakdown

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Get a quick insight into the real estate market performance indicators powered by Quanta’s robust platform.

  • Detailed sales records
  • Exportable data sets for custom analyses
  • Multiple filtering criteria

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