Elevating businesses by providing access to Real Estate data in Abu Dhabi and the UAE

The Real Estate Industry has tremendous opportunities for growth and innovation. We’ve developed the data and insights to facilitate informed decision-making and maximize value generation.

Our Story

Quanta was founded by a team of dedicated real estate data experts to transform the real estate industry in Abu Dhabi and the UAE.

With data quickly becoming the most valuable commodity, Quanta focuses its efforts and sets its mission on sourcing data directly from governmental and private parties to ultimately channel value back into the real estate industry.

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Our Values


We help real estate professionals, consultants, governmental institutions, and others by providing reliable and accurate refined data that helps them make informed decisions.


Using thorough methodologies, Quanta ensures all data is vetted to provide actionable insights.


Quanta is your data partner – we understand the pain points and constantly evolve our data insights across the real estate ecosystem.

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