Property Developers

Identify the top players in the Emirate's property market

Delve into the Emirate's real estate supply and understand how submarkets are shaping up to transform the property landscape.

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Supply Awareness

Track developers’ residential unit output in the market to gain insights on their future performance.

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Market Share Estimation

Understand how the most prominent real estate market participants rank in terms of their capacity to develop and sell residential assets.

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Strategic Decision-Making

Build informed supply-demand models and forecasts for specific submarkets and acquire a more granular view of the market in terms of location and property typology.

Developer Output

See how involved various developers are in providing Abu Dhabi with its residential supply, today and in the future.

Daily Data Updates

Stay up to date with the latest existing stock and future supply figures with our databases’ daily updates and syncs.

Filters for a More Granular Picture

Tailor the calculation to get exactly the data you need to inform your research and strategic decisions with location, construction status, and property typology filters.

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